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Mission Statement

Dr. Hugh is proud to welcome patients to a practice where caring and compassion combine with education and experience  provide the best endodontic care.  

His philosophy of service to the patient along with the support of a handpicked, knowledgeable team allows excellence in both patient care and clinical results.  His team's goal is to provide optimal care in a state of the art office.

In addition, we take special interest in caring for patients who are fearful or sensitive, who may have had difficulty previously and may be avoiding treatment because of care received elsewhere.




Modern Technology

Use of state of the art dental equipment and lastest techniques allow the practice to be more proactive and efficient with treatment.  Our office uses digital radiography to ensure the patient receives minimal exposure to radiation.  

All procedures are performed using dental operating microscopes to allow for the most efficient and advanced treatment possible.  Techniques that once were performed through feel are now able to be visualized.   Endodontic treatment time is greatly reduced due to the use of nickel titanium rotary instruments.  Use of these instruments allow the endodontist to provide easier, better and faster root canal shaping.